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Freeze Dryer Installation, Maintenance, and OEM Parts

Installation Services

We Provide:
Setup and Configuration
Validation Assistance

Your freeze dryer represents a significant investment of your time and budget. The faster your freeze dryer is installed, commissioned, and validated, the faster you can meet your production goals.

Maintenance Services

We Provide:
Warranty Service
Emergency Repair
PM Programs

Unplanned downtime is a budget killer. Minimize your downtime with Periodic Maintenance and the use of OEM parts and components.

OEM Parts

We Provide:
PM Parts Packages

Call and ask for our Parts department. Please have your model and serial number available.

Hull, VirTis, and FTS Systems freeze dryers are carefully designed to meet the exacting requirements of the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries. All components, whether purchased, modified, or purpose-built are engineered to provide the best performance and service life possible for the application. Our 50+ years of expertise allow us to provide the exact replacement parts and maintenance kits your lyophilization systems require.

SP Scientific can provide all of the services above for other brands as well.


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