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Freeze Dryer Preventative Maintenance (PM) Programs

SP Scientific will provide a Field Service Engineer who will visit your facility to perform scheduled lyophilizer preventative maintenance. Maintenance will typically be scheduled on a semi-annual basis to assure proper freeze dryer maintenance, conformance to equipment warranties, and to maximize system reliability and performance. The duration of the visit will be determined based on the service outlined below and your specific system configuration.

Parts are typically required for preventative maintenance. SP Scientific will verify an applicable parts list and have them ordered and on-site prior to the arrival of the Field Service Engineer.

Annual/Semi-Annual Preventative Maintenance Process

Review maintenance documentation from previous preventative maintenance visits and/or the customer's maintenance history file. Then perform the following checks:

(Sample -Actual list is based on your specific freeze dryer configuration)

    Preventative Maintenance - Lyophilizer Items Check List:
  • Leak Check
  • Compressor valve plates
  • Compressor oil
  • Clean Condenser / Receiver
  • Inspect Vacuum Pump
  • Inspect Heaters
  • Readout & Recording
  • Lubricate Motors
  • Replace Transfer Fluid Filter
  • Replace Refrigerant Filter(s)
  • Inspect Electrical Components
    Preventative Maintenance- Lyophilizer Operational Check List:
  • Manual switch operation.
  • Operating/energizing all components in an on/off manner.
  • Hydraulic operation
  • Shelf operation (movement)
  • Function Testing - temperature and vacuum rate performance
  • Leak Rate Test
  • Filling / charging fluid systems as required.
  • Tuning control parameters will be documented.

The entire freeze dryer Preventative Maintenance process will be documented by the Field Service Engineer using a system-specific lyophilizer Preventative Maintenance Checklist.

SP Scientific recognizes that each freeze drying system and site is unique. Therefore, we custom tailor each and every contract to best suit your specific needs. We are always focused on cost effectiveness, timeliness, and maximizing your uptime.

Block of Time Service Contract

A block of time service contract is a commitment for at least 100 hours of maintenance performed by a trained Field Service Engineer, to be used in a twelve month period at your discretion.

The Benefit to You: You receive priority scheduling and a discounted service rate of 15%.

Use this service for troubleshooting, repairs, or maintenance as you need it.


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